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New Contract secured from Züblin Spezialtiefbau – Folkestone Converter Station (UK) Instrumentation and Monitoring

maxGEO has secured the contract for instrumentation and monitoring during construction of the new converter station at Folkestone (UK). The converter station will be located within the perimeter of the Eurotunnel operational Channel Tunnel terminal as part of the Channel Tunnel Interconnector Project delivered by ElecLink. 400kV AC underground cables will connect the Converter Stations to…
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Topcon Positioning and maxGEO join forces

maxGEO is proud to announce the signing of a cooperation agreement with Topcon Positioning Germany. The common goal of this cooperation is the distribution of Topcon monitoring solutions on the Austrian market. maxGEO is confident that Topcon´s Delta Monitoring Solution and maxGEO Vision web monitoring platform will add value to the monitoring business in Austria.  
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