New Contract Secured: HABAU – Tunnel Refurbishment Dürnstein

maxGEO secured a contract from HABAU for vibration monitoring during the tunnel refurbishment of Tunnel Dürnstein. Works will start later this year.

Dürn1Dürnstein (AMAP)

Tunnel Dürnstein (472 m) was built after Second World War in the Belgian Tunneling Method and was opened to traffic in 1959.

Dürn2Tunnel Alignment (IGT Tunnelbau)

Dürnstein is located in the Danube Valley and is famous for the wine growing area and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Region Wachau.

Dürnstein was first mentioned in 1192 when, in the castle above the town, King Richard I, of England was held captive by Leopold V, Duke of Austria after their dispute during the Third Crusade. Richard the Lionheart had offended Leopold the Virtuous by casting down his standard from the walls at the Battle of Acre, and the duke suspected that King Richard ordered the murder of his cousin Conrad of Montferrat in Jerusalem. In consequence Pope Celestine III excommunicated Leopold for capturing a fellow crusader. The duke finally gave custody of the king to Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor, who imprisoned Richard at Trifels Castle.


Castle Dürnstein (destroyed in 1645: Wikipedia)