maxGEO Consult

  • Tunnel Survey and Marking Materials

    Tunnel Survey and Marking Materials

    Tunnel construction calls for precise, robust and cost effective topographic accessories. maxGEO provides convergence bolts, prisms, reflective targets and accessories…

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  • Geodetic Monitoring – RTS

    Geodetic Monitoring – RTS

    maxGEO is using TOPCON´s Delta Link Monitoring Solutions to provide reliable and high quality geodetic real time monitoring - Robotic…

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  • maxGEO VISION – Web Monitoring

    maxGEO VISION – Web Monitoring

    maxGEO manages and presents monitoring data on the web monitoring platform maxGEO VISION. maxGEO VISION - the tool to manage and…

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  • Wireless Condition Monitoring

    Wireless Condition Monitoring

    maxGEO provides wireless condition monitoring solutions and maxGEO Vision web platform to visualise the data. With our partner Senceive we can…

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  • GeoSLAM – 3D SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping)

    GeoSLAM – 3D SLAM (Simultaneous Lo

    maxGEO is GeoSLAM distribution partner with focus on underground structures and tunnel applications. GeoSLAM makes it easy to capture and…

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  • Noise Measurements

    Noise Measurements

    The monitoring of noise caused by construction activities is an essential in order to guarantee and prove that you stay…

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  • Vibration Monitoring – Tunnel

    Vibration Monitoring – Tunnel

    Vibration based condition monitoring refers to the use of in situ non-destructive sensing and analysis of system characteristics –in the…

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  • Vibration Monitoring – Civil Works

    Vibration Monitoring – Civil Works

    Working together with specialist companies like Moser Jaritz is part of our daily business. MaxGEO provides vibration monitoring for a…

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  • Business Development – Consulting

    Business Development – Consulting

    maxGEO provides consulting services and business development for specialist companies.  

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