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New Contract secured from ASFiNAG (Austrian Highway Agency) – Highway S 7 Technical Documentation Roads

maxGEO secured the contract of the technical documentation of more than 30 km of public roads during construction of the new highway S7 in Styria. The technical documentation of roads is an important task and has to be finished before major construction works start. The technical documentation using HD video technique, photo documentation and damage mapping is…
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maxGEO @ Senceive – Vibrating Wire Sensor Node

maxGEO got familar with Senceive´s new launched Vibrating Wire Sensor Node. The Vibrating Wire Sensor interface range brings a wide variety of vibrating wire sensors into our systems. It is a highly integrated system which is capable of exciting and sampling vibrating wire sensors and reporting measurements through Senceive’s wireless communications network to a Gateway. Watch the new…
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New Contract: PORR – L207 Vibration Monitoring

maxGEO secured a contract from PORR Bau GmbH for vibration monitoring during road works at state road L207 near Fehring / Styria. Monitoring of assets like a gas main during piling works are part of the scope. maxGEO installed vibration monitoring systems on a gas main and presents the data in real time using maxGEO vision web…
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